Throwing a party for your child? Here are a few tips to make sure everyone is happy!

Kids’ parties can be stressful, but if you remember that, for the most part, kids just want to play with their friends, then you can create the party list and leave the details and planning up to Detailed Events by Derrin!

Create a Budget

It’s important to set a realistic budget and stay within it because kids’ party costs can add up quickly!  Sometimes breaking it down into categories like food, games, etc. can also be helpful!

Make a Guest List and Pick a Date & Time

Make sure it works for the key players like your child’s best friend and family members. If you invite one friend from your child’s class, you’ll likely need to consider inviting the entire class, OR just choose to do boys or girls only. Also, consider how long; toddlers tend to do better earlier in the day, before their afternoon naps, while older children do well in the afternoon. Choose your party time with this in mind.

Shorter is Usually Better

Not sure how long the party should go? For younger kids, an hour and a half is plenty. Older kids (and parents!) will wipe out after 2-3 hours.

Create a To-Do List

Detailed Events by Derrin can help you with your to-do list AND checking things off!

Decide on Using Your Home or Booking a venue

A home party is also a great way to save money because you can control how much you spend on food and decorations.  If you decide to use a venue, look for one that suits your child’s interests. Indoor play gyms, bounce houses and children’s museums are great options. They can book up months in advance, so plan early!

Choose a Theme

Make sure you talk to your child about the theme and that it’s something they love, not just something that’s Pinterest-worthy!  However, Detailed Events by Derrin can make it both!

Prepare and Send Invitations

Include the date, start and end times, the location and an RSVP phone number or email address. If necessary, include parking information and special requests like “Bring a swimsuit” or “No gifts, please.”  Send invitations 4-6 weeks in advance. Detailed Events by Derrin will create and send invites for you so it’s one less thing to worry about!

Decide Parents Should Stay

Most parties become drop-off parties around age 6. Still, indicate on the invitation whether parents should stick around to avoid any miscommunication.

Serve Classic Foods

For kids, you can’t go wrong with pizza, cake and ice cream. For an at-home party, go with finger foods you can set up ahead of time and serve at room temperature, like mini sandwiches.

Have Creative Favors

Give kids something they and their parents will appreciate. Some fun examples are: a personalized container to hold snacks, an ice cream bowl for an ice cream themed party, some healthy snacks to have later on in the day, etc. Make sure to put it in a place where people will take it as they leave.  Have a few extra on hand just in case a guest’s sibling stays unexpectedly.

Consider Entertainers Wisely

Musicians or puppeteers are great choices. Sometimes, young kids can be frightened by clowns or costumed characters.

Plan Plenty of Activities

You want to make sure to is keep the kids busy, and if you overplan activities, you can cut them out later!  Themed craft areas and classic games like musical chairs or Simon says work great!

Activities that allow kids to make their own food, such as building personal pizzas or decorating cupcakes, are fun! This also means less food prep for you, and one less activity to plan!

Gather your Team

Ask friends or relatives (beforehand) to help guide activities, take photos and clean up. You might also consider hiring a helper to watch younger siblings.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Always have a weather alternative planned if your party is outside, and a first-aid kit will ensure safety for everyone!

Open Gifts After

Opening gifts might seem fun, but feelings can get hurt, gifts can get lost, and children can argue over playing with them.  Wait until the guests have gone and let your child enjoy some time on their own with their new gifts!

Send Thank You’s

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to send thank you cards, but it shows appreciation to all of your guests, so it’s a must!  Bonus if you get your child to sign them or use their hand print!

Simple Tips for Throwing a Memorable Baby Shower

Make sure to remember these simple rules when planning a shower to be remembered! Detailed Events by Derrin makes sure to incorporate all of these in their packages, but will also help with providing them from their a la carte options if you have already begun the planning process!

  1. Give guests something to do when they arrive
  2. Personalize the decorations
    • Also consider using decor that can either be used in their house or the new nursery OR something useful like the diaper cake centerpiece photographed here!
  3. Have a variety of games
  4. Simple and varied game prizes are best
  5. Keep a gift-opening moving by assigning a task to a few helpers
  6. Provide meaningful or useful favors as a Thank You to the guests

Tips to Planning a Shower to Remember!

Making a statement for your honoree by planning a shower with a theme that she loves, entertaining her guests, and giving everyone something to remember is every host’s dream!  Here are some tips that can help you accomplish your goal whether you’re holding the event at a rented venue or in your living room.

Shower Welcome

Make your guests feel at home by giving them something to do when they arrive.  Detailed Events by Derrin has a variety of activities personalized to the honoree’s theme and interests.

Shower Decor

Decorations shouldn’t only correspond with the theme, but personalizing them will give the honoree some extra gifts to remember the shower by and to reuse at their wedding, nursery, or house decor.  Bonus: everytime they look at it, they’ll be reminded of the amazing shower you threw for them!

Shower Games

Make the games selection interesting! Bridal shower games like gift opening bingo or finding out what’s in everybody’s purse will always be classic, but in the end people want to know more about the honoree in a fun, interesting way!  The best games that focus on the honoree take some advance preparation. Detailed Events by Derrin will give you the option to complete this on your own, or is happy to do this task for you!

Shower Prizes

Especially if you are going to have a lot of gift opening, make sure you have more than enough prizes.  Nothing is worse than being 10 gifts in out of 50, and all of your prizes being claimed! Additionally, a variety or simply prizes is your best best!  That way the winner gets to choose something they like! Bonus: if there are leftovers – you can give them to the honoree for an extra gift to remember the shower by!

Opening Shower Gifts

Maximize time with your guests and keep their interest by having a gift-opening assembly line!  When you streamline your gift opening operation, it makes sure that someone is tracking all of the gifts for the honoree and giving them enough time to enjoy socializing before and after! Detailed Events by Derrin will give you a shower list of

Shower and Party Favors

Though favors aren’t a requirement, a small thank you will show you appreciate your guests, help set the shower’s style, and give them something to remember it by!  Pinterest is a great place to get inspired! Detailed Events by Derrin uses it to get inspired for themes, favors, decoration, and more! It’s a wonderful way to keep communication open with our clients by creating a secret board with you and/or the honoree  in order for us to see what you’re looking for and to create a Pinterest-worthy event you’d be proud of, all while staying within your budget!


Decorating a venue is the best way to ensure your theme makes an impression! It doesn’t matter what the venue is, as long as you have good decor, you can transform any venue into your dream theme!

When deciding on a theme, you may want to consider something that falls within the bride’s wedding colors and/or interests. If your budget allows, try purchasing items that the bride can also use at the bride’s wedding or the mother-to-be’s new nursery. Then she’ll LOVE the shower, and be excited that there’s one less thing she needs to worry about buying! By using Detailed Events by Derrin, you don’t have to worry about those awkward conversations that can sometimes happen between the honoree’s expectations, and your budget. Your honoree can share their Pinterest inspiration for the shower of their dreams, and we can make it happen!

Personalizing decor can also be fun for the bride or mother-to be, whether it’s their new name or their baby’s name (if they’ll share it with you)! This can be done through online retailers, but Detailed Events by Derrin will also provide some of these items with their packages or a la carte options.

Detailed Events by Derrin is proud to serve Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, and Northampton County in Pennsylvania in addition to Mercer County and Hunterdon County in New Jersey.

Shower and Party Favors

Though favors aren’t a requirement, a small thank you will show you appreciate your guests, help set the shower’s style, and give them something to remember it by!

Not sure where to start when deciding an a budget friendly favor? Pinterest is a great place to get inspired! Detailed Events use it to get inspired for themes, favors, decoration, and more! It’s a wonderful way to keep communication open with our clients by creating a secret board with you in order for us to see what you’re looking for and to create a Pinterest-worthy event you’d be proud of all while staying within your budget!

Check out our Pinterest here:

Steps to Planning a Shower your Honoree and Guests will Remember!

Shower hostess roles have evolved and can include pretty much anyone in the guest of honor’s life, including friends, relatives, and even spouses. Check out the
party-planning basics steps below to host a fun and festive party!

Select a date and time. Even if you want to surprise the honoree, you may need to consult her on which weekends she’s available, or ask someone close to her.  For baby showers, about 7 months into her pregnancy is a safe time, and for bridal showers about 2 months in advance of the wedding date so guests don’t feel like they’re giving gifts too close to the wedding.

Establish the guest list and budget. Once the guest of honor has given you the guest list (including addresses!), come up with a budget that works for you and your group so that you can choose a venue and start thinking about the food you’d like to serve.

Choose a venue. Consider your theme, time of year, how many guests, and budget. Hosting a shower in your backyard or living room is intimate, and you won’t have to pay a fee to reserve the space, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and you have to deal with the cleanup. Parks are also a good option, but make sure to have a backup plan in case it rains.  If the guest list is large, or you have a bigger budget, consider a nearby restaurant or venue. Don’t have time to research and visit venues? Detailed Events by Derrin can research venues in your area within your budget!

Decide on a theme.  Whether it’s just the honoree’s favorite colors, or a full out tea party, having a theme helps with decorations and setting the mood for the event.

Send the invitations. Guests should receive their invites about six weeks before the shower. That way they’ll have plenty of time to reserve the date, RSVP, shop for gifts, and find a babysitter if needed.  Detailed Events by Derrin will create an invitation that matches your theme, and mail them out for you!

Come up with an agenda. Most showers include games, gift opening, eating, and drinking. The key is organizing these activities to create a fun flow that keeps guests entertained and engaged.  Make sure you don’t forget prizes for game winners! Detailed Events by Derrin has many game options already, but is always willing to make one that you may have seen on Pinterest or at another event!
Pick up favors. A parting gift is a simple way to thank your guests for attending, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant! One approach is to stick to your theme, but should also consider your guests. Scented soaps, candles, or bubble bath are also common crowd-pleasers. Detailed Events by Derrin personalizes all favors with the guest of honor’s name, date, quote, etc.  to match your theme!

Plan the menu and decor. Nail down these details about three weeks before the shower. Purchase or make decorations that aren’t perishable (wait until the day before to buy flowers or make your famous cupcakes, for example).  Finalize the menu, making sure that it matches the guest of honor’s tastes. Detailed Events by Derrin can provide a guest book, banners, favors, and other decor in their event packages or a la carte options that will help your event blend seamlessly with your theme.