Tips to Planning a Shower to Remember!

Making a statement for your honoree by planning a shower with a theme that she loves, entertaining her guests, and giving everyone something to remember is every host’s dream!  Here are some tips that can help you accomplish your goal whether you’re holding the event at a rented venue or in your living room.

Shower Welcome

Make your guests feel at home by giving them something to do when they arrive.  Detailed Events by Derrin has a variety of activities personalized to the honoree’s theme and interests.

Shower Decor

Decorations shouldn’t only correspond with the theme, but personalizing them will give the honoree some extra gifts to remember the shower by and to reuse at their wedding, nursery, or house decor.  Bonus: everytime they look at it, they’ll be reminded of the amazing shower you threw for them!

Shower Games

Make the games selection interesting! Bridal shower games like gift opening bingo or finding out what’s in everybody’s purse will always be classic, but in the end people want to know more about the honoree in a fun, interesting way!  The best games that focus on the honoree take some advance preparation. Detailed Events by Derrin will give you the option to complete this on your own, or is happy to do this task for you!

Shower Prizes

Especially if you are going to have a lot of gift opening, make sure you have more than enough prizes.  Nothing is worse than being 10 gifts in out of 50, and all of your prizes being claimed! Additionally, a variety or simply prizes is your best best!  That way the winner gets to choose something they like! Bonus: if there are leftovers – you can give them to the honoree for an extra gift to remember the shower by!

Opening Shower Gifts

Maximize time with your guests and keep their interest by having a gift-opening assembly line!  When you streamline your gift opening operation, it makes sure that someone is tracking all of the gifts for the honoree and giving them enough time to enjoy socializing before and after! Detailed Events by Derrin will give you a shower list of

Shower and Party Favors

Though favors aren’t a requirement, a small thank you will show you appreciate your guests, help set the shower’s style, and give them something to remember it by!  Pinterest is a great place to get inspired! Detailed Events by Derrin uses it to get inspired for themes, favors, decoration, and more! It’s a wonderful way to keep communication open with our clients by creating a secret board with you and/or the honoree  in order for us to see what you’re looking for and to create a Pinterest-worthy event you’d be proud of, all while staying within your budget!

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